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New layout, starting today... felt like doing some webpolishing. :-)
I'm putting together an admin panel for my Bloggy thing now... I won't guarantee for the quality of my rants, but the layout and stuff is gonna rock. :-)

Today I'm feeling really tired... strange thing considering my usual night life.
Work has devoided me... had to concentrate on lots of both complicated and boring things.

Apart from that... well... tonite was a good one.

Had a pleasant talk with a couple of friends... one is my coworker TFx and the other one is a friend of his... a girl I'll call 2shots from now on. ("due colpi", for my italian readers :-) )

Tonite's chat with them is the kind of introductory talk that I have when I'm tired... I tend to speak too much and spoil my points way too fast, but I guess the audience was able to stand me. :-)

This was infact the first time I had a chance to talk with 2shots for a bit... she's a very friendly person and her skills in conceiveing her thoughts about the topic are outstanding... makes it tricky to both get her interested and exposed.
While talking, she tries never to let you know when you're going to cross the line... offense, boredom, excess, fun, interest...

She tries to be open minded and raitonal well beyond her nature... it's a kinda art.

I'm quite curious about the path that could lead someone to this behaviour. In her position this is not the "easy way out": I sort of admire her... I don't completely see the point in what she does, but I really admire the ethics of it.

[ AUTHOR'S CUT :-) ]
I'm maybe a bit too fast on this, but it seems as they(TFx and 2shots) are each acting like the other one should... both of them live the life they think they should, but unconsciously see the beauty of their own "simple solution" in the life of the other.

Uhmmm... get me... ain't talking about "life" as a sequence of choices, but life as an approach to life itself.
It's really rare to see one such condition... their friendship is dreams-propelled... seeing your own "DreamApproach2Life"(tm) realized in another person is enough to refuel with emotion... desire... will.

One is walking his way to the mountain top in swimsuit, while the other is swimming all dressed for hiking... taken alone they're really funky :-), but when together they manage to make some sense :-)

I'd suggest a switch of dressings (and I'm sure TFx would like to do the switching very often ;-) ), but that's just because I'm paranoid and live the fetish of coherence. :-)
As dear Avril prophetizes in her most famous hit, mankind is complicated. :-)

This time at least, complicated for good.

In the end, phuck me and my devilish observation capabilities :-): it was a good chat with good people...
and my "pasta all'arrabbiata" sucked. :-)



March 2010

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