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This BLOG is really starting to get me hooked up. :-)
Tonite I spent some more time improving the HTML code and now I feel satisfied.

As of me... well.. doing research and coding always leads me to be in a good mood.
I feel refreshed after a really BAD week and I'm starting to figure things out a little better.
Things I had deliberately ignored till now.

In my first rant I've just barely talked about Paola. She's been a good friend of mine for years now and - as strange as this may sound - I've never met her. She is one of my few netPals.

Even if we've had our problems and silences, everything has always been outclassed by hours of virtual "presence".

We're both the proud, hard-headed, stubborn kind of person... it's hard for the kind of us to discuss topics without being prays to the heat of the moment... we've been often really hard on each other, but respect was always being taken for granted and saved the day.

It saved the day till last week...

We had a really bad argument: we were taliking about jobs, time and life... things got out of hand once again, only this time respect wasn't there anymore.
Not on my side, not on hers... for different reasons.

Damn... I'd like to write billion of words explaining why and how and when and who and what... problem is, I just really need to cry. Few drops maybe, but cry.

I miss her.

It's too late in the night to explain how and how much I miss her... to explain why I'm not calling her or anything.
It's late... it's guilt... it's rage... it's me...

I might try to get some sleep hours now that I'm somewhat calm... I don't wanna screw my post... I'll write more another time.



March 2010

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