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La Bella Vita

I can't wait... I can't wait for the world to catch up and reach me. For it to awake me. Exploit me.

I'm far away from myself... my body, surfacing slowly from the sea, is suffucating. Choking.
My mind blows... absence fills my days... life brings shame. Shame of wasted knowledge.

I feel physically weak and out of control... war is a long gone memory from a distant past... I'm proud but - seemingly - unable to recreate the momentum.
Every time I check with my soul I barely stand her screams of rage... she's tainted and her tremendous power gets compressed by choices I wasn't ever convinced about. Rivers of tears run dry long ago.

To change things... to move people... you have to stop time. Create a link that goes beyond simple communication.
You got to believe, trascend: existance is nothing but a series of well performed stunts, a bored reality mocking our weird dreams.

I'm not dreaming anymore... no... I'm just not telling reality about them any more.
I don't feel like paying for the link all alone... the link and it's likely consequences.
I've become angry and lost focus. I should have tried to react long ago, but it would have probably proved pointless.

I want revenge... I want a fair game... I'm just SICK of people trusting my immobility.
I deserve freedom... I want to destroy every damn stupid something that I feel like smashing. And that's often just a misplaced word or two.

There's no point, no good reason... my standing still is not respect... just fear.
I want everything as it was once... hard... harder... but true.

I want to change back... I have to find the strength to support those few proving really honest to me.
I heard they're hiring a Sheriff in Nottingham... guess I'll have to hang the tight, bow and arrows for a while.

Hit the monkey no more, I'm serious.
You're gonna get your ass kicked and stuffed with bananas.

[ I really couldn't avoid this final one... but I left smileys out to keep the mood intact. Or something. ]


TU, tu non puoi far leggere tutto questo [in INGLESE, poi!!] a una povera anima [=ME] che si è appena timorosamente affacciata su questa gelida giornata.

Mi sa che non ho capito un semicazzo :|

[comunque carino il fatto che se scrivi in inglese metti il titolo in italiano e viceversa.. :)]

mi sa che avrei dovuto rispondere dopo essere uscita dallo stato comatoso del risveglio, ma vabbè.
E' in inglese perche' in italiano non mi usciva nulla piu' di quell'altro... avevo un po' bisogno di scrivere.

Cmq si', quella dei subject e' una mia regoletta non scritta... :)
Mi sa che non potrei mai scrivere di me in inglese.. non nel dettaglio, almeno.. :)
In realta' penso che non potrei mai scrivere di me... quando parlo di me, beh, sono gli unici momenti in cui mento spudoratamente. :D

Quello di scrivere di me... di un lato di me... e' un'esigenza per la quale do fondo a qualsiasi conoscenza... foss'anche il Klingon, se servisse.

Come poi stiano le cose... asd... quello e' un mistero che difficilmente mi vedrai rivelare sul blog! :D

fabracated while you were away

its all wasted in the end we just feed the nothing
This is my first post-Roma answer... in case you think I'm trying to hit you, just tell me before stuffing bananas!

March 2010

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