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bitMaster through the sunglasses

Once upon a time there was this SmartAzz called bitMaster.

He lived like any normal WebAddict LazyHacker PseudoCoder AsdLolLamer down the street... spent his time on the net trying to bore himself to death, test his nerves till the point he would have had no choice but to create something new and meaningful.

Sadly enough, unlike most MeanDumbStreetGuys(tm), LazyHackers have a lot of patience: bitMaster kept surfing the net over and over. Legends pretend he had seen it all.

He was also a great counsellor and psychologist. He could explode and debug almost any person and tell them everything they needed to hear like a Google for the soul.

Some people say he had trained himself with all the 18-25 girls on ICQ. He learnt to rule them. He had tamed and pet the whole herd.
He was able to tell their real sex and age just by looking at their details.

By the age of 24 he was most powerful and full of knowledge... yet he was very very lonely.

He lured the virtual world in search for a bitMistress...

One day, when drinking the usual HellLoad of wine with his Dream Team of AsdLolLers (zeroburn, lostfx, jaddino) he realized what was probably keeping them from taking any action in that world of theirs:
their testicles had all been stolen!

With the help of Vanna Marchi, Rosemary Altea, Nostradamus'es lost handkerchief and the CNN, they were able to retrieve precious information about the dangerous smuggler responsible for their eternal curse: it was all the Wait Rabbit's doing!

The Wait Rabbit was an evil creature from another world... he lived beyond the SunGlasses, in the FakeCity of Sharm El Shade, where rivers flow with Coke (all inclusive) and gambling is legalized.

(to be continued)



March 2010

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