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Pomodori verdi fritti

Open up two people, gently. Choose them so that they are sexually compatible.

Expose them to society for as long as it takes to make them to feel wrong alone.
If you care, stress from time to time that "two is better": it usually accelerates the process.
Wrap them in a calendar, as the passing of time tends to improve the "wasting my life" aroma.

When they're stressed and numb enough, put them in front of each other and make sure there's sexual attraction.
Mere sexual desire might be enough, but attraction makes for the best result.
Do know that most people, if not seen, will be able to feel attraction for just about anything: even if you screwed up your initial selection, it might just be a matter of patience.

If you followed the recipe to the letter, the two should begin some cheap advocacy as to how wonderful it is to be toghether and how great they are to each other.

Watch them closely as their looks change from dreamy to accomplished... pay attention: as soon as their fermentation develops enough fear of loss they will start to argue and fight.

At this point, you'll see lies and hypocrisy appear all around. Be fast.
Add compromise and shake vigorously till everything becomes gluish and hard to deal with.

You'll know you've done a good job when the two will detach from the container and just about anything else.

From this point onward it's a piece of cake.

Compromise makes people feel safe... giving up one's will ensures that the final product will be soft and light.
Spray the mass with social acknowledgement.

At this point you might have two outcomes.

In case one of the two people collapses under the weight of the bind, you'll end up with a bitter yet tasty series of angry stories to be served cold.

If both hold on tight, though, prepare for the best.
Reciprocal acceptance acts as a natural sedative: you'll see a great mess of "safe and granted" morphing into "loved and needed".

Once the time investment is big enough, giving up will become unacceptable.
Admitting having given in to obsession and weakness will be out of question.
Promises, agreements, fights and lies will grow into necessities. Love will be traded for duty.
Silence for peace.

You're ready to serve Relational Doom.


This one usually works pretty fine, even without that much external interference...

Now we're waiting for the "Recipe for relational success (doses for 2 people)". With practical examples :D
I don't think there's that much interference at all... it's an easy, everyday recipe!

As for the Relational Success recipe, I might give some hints in private, but I don't think I'll publish it... no one really seems to care about it. ;)
I support that request!
There's no single Recipe for Success... the point is simply trying different recipes from the one for Doom. Anything goes.
you're back, YOU'RE BACK! =D
Indeed I am... indeed I am. ;)

March 2010

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