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M for Mi Consenta

Men and women from the once great country of Italy are desperate.
They have forgotten how to smile, how to cooperate, how to listen.

There are marijuana smoking rebels dreaming of more marijuana and cheap popular heroes.
They scream they want a stronger state and better services, but look clueless when asked how and where to find the money.
They ask for a better school system, but they really mean they'd like even more marijuana and fantasy books with unicorns and holy communist guerrilla.

There are scared nationalists using xenophobia as a rule to choose between what's good/family/country and what's bad/gay/notmyreligion.
They defend a country that doesn't exist: they look like dumb zombies cheerleading for stale ideas just because they're used to them.
They fear any change, calling them "PACs with the devil". Corrupted by religious propaganda, their hearts fall.

All of them are trying to destroy something (be it a building or an ideal) just to annoy everyone else.

It doesn't matter what the matter is... they all just complain the whole time.

In this dark age, unprobable heroes rise from the shadows...

[ Wanna see the original? ]

People shouldn't be scared of governments... and they ain't.
Governments should be scared of people... and they are.

Governments should be scared of governments.

To rule them all, no rings this time.
Not a single Lord, but a crowded bunch of mediamongering politicians and confused idols.

Driven by the crave for money, this megashake of approximation and hypocrisy is here to show us the best path... through a masterfully achieved highlighting of what the wrong ones are.

Heroes. Against their will.
Leaders. Against ours.

April, 9th. All over the country, the saga continues.


Thumbs up!
ahhhh i was kinda hoping you'd tell us how the story ends (and maybe even what to do :P)
yet yours was sheer propaganda as well :P
Wouldn't say sheer... mostly because I didn't know what it meant till Google told me. :P

Wouldn't say propaganda, either... this is basicly the opposite, some kind of "antipaganda". I never tell people what to do... ending the story would be kinda hinting them. :)
This was just to let everyone know about my personal (and ironic) take on the story.

March 2010

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