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A close one...

For a splitsecond I had death in my rear view mirror tonight... I'm alive because I'm lucky.
I didn't do anything dangerous... I just drove home 60km/h without any alchool in my body.

My car is damaged and I'm way too sober to find this any funny.
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What happenend?
Sounds like you were hit from behind. In which case you should see a doctor. How does your head feel? You might not feel it right away, but you could have a neck injury...
One tire exploded and the car drifted towards a cakewalk... front right and rear right tires, respective alloy wheels and support structures are broken now.

I'm actually VERY VERY lucky... had it happened 100m before, I wouldn't probably be here to tell.
Apart from the car damage, nothing bad happened.

PS: don't worry about the image... I love it ;) I really have use for some laughing today ;)
New car, old car, expensive car?
We have an old and cheap car so our insurance only covers the other car if we bumb into anyone. It's sort of a gamble, and you never know when stuff like that will happen. Scary!
Glad you're okey! Too bad about the car. Can it be fixed?
Kinda expensive... Mazda RX-8... damage shouldn't be anything terrible.
But that's just because of pure luck. :)
Very sorry about posting that picture, I was aiming for a different one.... Can't change it now, so I might as well leave it and hope you don't get too offended....
o.O Uhm, that sounds really unhealthy! You really should be more careful, that's valuable DNA you're carrying!
Sigh... I'll be. Stop being right for a moment, will ya? :)

Besides... why don't you come over to nurse your scared clone? :D

March 2010

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