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Caribbean MeMe

Whoa! A DollyMeme! Better clone it myself to english, just to feel the spirit of it!
As in "Sometimes they come back", here we go again with the meme of strange / shameful / asdlol things.
D'eh... there's actually no problem at all... I got plenty of such things to list!

RULES: list 10 strange habits and/or shameful things, then tag 6 more people to this death row of reputation!

1. I bought one album made by Britney Spears
2. I posted - without "friends only" constraints - images of my dick (and it's still there for anyone to see)
3. In 1997 I took part to competitions on ICQ and IRC whose aim was to crown the fastest to achieve a supposedly felt and sincere "I love you" from a complete stranger
4. I was mistakenly questioned about pedoporn traffic
5. While drunk I cut my hand by destroying a 33cl bottle of Beck's that I just meant to gently leave on the table... dripping blood, I started to hug people leaving my glorious red mark all over their clothes.
6. Holding my cousin's dog, I accidentally "masturbated" it for a few seconds... I heard it breathing deeply and when I realized what was happening, there was it's disturbing stare saying "I want more"
7. I got (and make use of :P) a FleshLight (www.fleshlight.com)
8. I used to be a paying customer of www.nakednews.com
9. When I was a child, I insisted with my parents for finishing Creamy's stickers album
10. In the past 5 years I made about 10thousands euros worth of "special gifts"... one third of those, I deeply regret.

I tag... auhmmm... dunno... anyone who feels like it!


2. I posted - without "friends only" constraints - images of my dick XDXDXD

come stai?
Tirando rapide somme, bene... appena torno in Italia (il volo e' tra qualche ora) postero' un riassunto delle vacanze che spieghi accuratamente le condizioni di partenza, lo svolgimento e il complicarsi del calcolo di "come sto'" :)

E tu che mi dici di bello/brutto/boh?
>7. I got (and make use of :P) a FleshLight (www.fleshlight.com)

Questa credo sia la migliore/peggiore :D
Mwahahaha... quando ne ho scoperto l'esistenza quest'estate e' stato un sogno che si avvera: finalmente anche io - da uomo - potevo avere il mio gingillo per approssimare la scopata con un succedaneo artificiale della topa!

In retrospettiva non e' comparabile col sesso, pero' riesce a competere e talvolta a superare una sega fatta bene. ;)

Una valida alternativa nella triste e ripetitiva vita del single. :D
ehm...nn noto il lucchetto...ma è FO questa entry? :D
Nessuna delle mie entry e' FO... non solo... per "policy" non addo nessuno che ne faccia uso. :)
La potenza è nulla senza controllo!
Se una cosa deve rimanere riservata non la si scrive in un blog.
Soprattutto non si obbliga chi lo legge a:

- accorgersi che c'e' il lucchetto
- accorgersi che e' riservata
- ricordarsi di non farne menzione con chicchessia al di fuori della lista di quelli autorizzati

Una delle frasi che meglio mi descrive e':
"Io non ho segreti... se ne avessi non lo sapreste mai. Nessuno di voi." ;)
You found time to post not ONE stupid meme about embarassing stupid things that everybody knows you did, but TWO; so, of course, you didn't have time to write a single row comment to your sister entry.

Ah, those Carribean connections, they cause such selective log-in problems... grrr
Your post deserves attention.
My superior comments (also known as bitMasterpieces(tm) ) don't get along very well with guts turbulence.

Give your anger a rest, sis... I'll be back in 20 hours and I'll be glad to piss you off to death for being such an impatient disciple! :D

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