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Tomorrow never comes

As I guessed wrong, here comes more from our holidays... 5 days late. :P

Let me begin by saying that on the airplane I was splashed once per each route... ananas when going there and ice cold water while coming back.
I promise: ananas was better... made me feel tropical long before touching ground.
Ice cold water has bad side effects, especially if your guts feel like doing some extra work.

On said plane, at departure, I met my first Bug... undoubtly a charming one... not really annoying either... but a Bug nonetheless.

I don't know the english name to call those puppets that push you to do dumb stuff at holiday resorts... the italian name is "animatori"... I'll just call them Bugs.

They are Homo Tourens tamers...

Said Bug called herself Valentina, which happens to be jaddino's killer name (he always falls for Valentinas).
Said Bug's Surname happens to be Carraro... jaddino's is Carrara... I started LoLLing hard, forseeing wrath of god and destruction... but nothing really happened... not that I know of, at least. :P

Said Bug assured me I was going to paradise... no nagging people, no stock game and activities, the most kewl and hypa Bugs on Earth, all there just for me. I got to admit I almost believed her.

While I was being seduced by BugMarketing, jaddino was getting to know "Mum"... a cool lady on holiday alone because her sweet half had had a last minute business call. We adopted her to be our Mum and pharmacy.
As as matter of fact, she lied to us... she said she would attract young women for us to devour, whereas she attracted just "uncles", married couples well into eating and buying souvenirs.

On that plane, we were both scammed.

(to be continued)


Welcome back bro!
Who's this fucking "Withouther"?
And why did he steal my line?

Jeez, this world is turning to shit.
Is not my fault if u get behind!

Try again next time!
I don't give a damn about your excuses, encroacher!
If you're looking for some brotherhood, go rent "Koda, brother bear"!
Naaa Koda is so boring and the power supply is not included!!

I prefer bother bitMaster much better u know!

He will always your natural brother...my frinds-style bro...same words, differents means, everybody will be happy! give me your hand sis!!

>>ananas was better

..and "pineapple" would have been better still! XD
Dick! We commented each other at the same time! XD

Btw... if I say ananas every fuckin english speaker has to adjust to my preferences. :P

March 2010

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