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The Cube

Stress kills. It's scientifically proven.

Kills your immune system, lowers your concentration level and opens the door to psychotroubles of sorts.
Panic attacks, depression, hysteria, obsession, YouNameIt(tm).

Stress means you can't adapt to the life you're living.
Stress means you don't like your own choices.

When you don't have a choice there's rage, hate, violence.
Reaction is spontaneous. Survival comes natural.

Stress basically means you had choices and you picked the wrong ones. Wrong to you.
Stress spoils you thought to be the judge, but nature comes in to kick your puny little ass and call for respect.

Stress doesn't mean you're wrong. Stress means you're too scared to change for better.

Stress kills because "WrongAddicts" should leave the game.
Stress is evolution's own way to tell you're a failed experiment. Or that you should prove yourself otherwise.


Art shows you alternatives and spoils endings.
Drugs take you the corner till next round. Wounds still bleeding.
Lovers cover up your worries, so you can smile till you fall back in.
Doctors pill you up, so you can say thanks, shut your mouth and die fast.

This ain't right. It's the rules.
This is the Cube.

You may ask for help, but then you should also listen.
"Yes, but"s just make the walls thicker. Friends farther. Hands weaker.

Turn around and run for your life... exit is what you were running from.


Right and wrong.
Right and left, for all it matters.

"Left" was once identified with "wrong", so perhaps as humans we should try bringing "wrong" back to where we "left" it.

Ever realized that you're a bit caught up (excuse the pun) in the very neurotic game of choosing? Walking on the thin, fictitious line that tells right from wrong, bad choices from good choices? That line is stressful to walk on, but guess what, walking on it is a choice too ;)

Disclaimer: I don't mean to say that choices don't exist. In fact, to choose, is a choice. I guess that sort of is the bottom line :P
My post just says that stress kills you.
Stress comes from pointless struggle.

There's no such thing as absolute right and I think you agreed on that.
Stress tells you that you think you're right, but can't prove it.

As long as you can't prove it (and probably never will) you'll live as if you were wrong all along. That's what stress comes from.

That's pointless.

You don't need to prove yourself right to "live left"... apart from the linguistical pun :), you'll end up missing the point, your left self and you're time.
People can see themselves in your "being left" without left being right or wrong: for some it will be right, for some it will be needed, for some just fun. Some will even go left for lack of opinion.

There's no problem in "being left".

The problem comes from trying to "prove left", as that as no meaning.

On a side note... ever realized that "ever realized" is quite a strong expression for someone who's saying the line between right and wrong is thin and often relative? ;)

Sorry for this remark, but I know myself... when I feel like a comment is diverting towards a lecture :P, I quite slip into a bad mood and tend to answer briefly. Since I don't think your intention was to lecture me, I tried not to be brief or assertive... just try to be smooth, so I can keep it the coolest and the clearest. Thanks. ;)
I preferred the one in which you told us Christmas was good, this "Take the blue pill already" spoils the mood.
This post if for BluePillers, not RedOners.

Tells them to relax and let the matrix go... that juicy steak you're always talking about, might not even be a steak at all. And it doesn't really matter.

Stop advocating for the steak. Just be yourself and enjoy it.
If the matrix was built to keep providing you with steaks, you'll survive.
If not, you'll either have to find a new juicy something or end there.

You'll end with the steak because there are no more steaks, but you'll be happy of your life.

Exactly as non steak-eating people.
Steeeeeak *drools*

March 2010

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