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The meme that wasn't

I'm cloning the ubiquitous "Guess my songs from the first line" lame meme, but since I hate you all for posting it and I don't actually have a playlist, here come few interesting song starters that just popped up from my evil mind (and weren't blocked).

I'll scrap "E' memole il nome mio" for the sake of my english readers. :P

  1. "There's a place you're always welcome..." - That's Death (Eric Idle) - I had to hint the author and argue on the meaning, so it's mine! :D

  2. "Uouououaaaaa" - Ombrelloni (Simone Cristicchi) - Almost good Sis :P

  3. "I love it in your room at night" - In your room (The Bangles) - Sa' knows (italian pun, everyone laugh please! :D)

  4. "Wake up kid, it's half past your youth" - Eat the rich (Aerosmith) - Good job Sa'

  5. "Reluctantly crouched at the starting line" - The Distance (Cake) - Sa' RuLEs!

  6. "Wie ein boom, boom, boom, boom" - MegaLOL... this is a GREAT song! :D

  7. "I can speak about the pain, you know" - Hope you're happy (Lene Marlin) - jaddino was right, of course ;)

  8. "I'm like a beggar with no luck" - Anyone who knows me should be hell bored by this one :D

  9. "There's gotta be a record of you some place" - On every street (Dire Straits) - From Denmark with musical knowledge ;)

  10. "Well, it's one for the money" - Blue Suede Shoes (Elvis Aron Presley) - Sa' is still dancing :D

  11. "Deep down Louisiana close to New Orleans" - Johnny B. Goode (Chuck Berry) - Go Go, Go Sabry go! :D

  12. "Your butt is wide, well mine is too" - Fat (Weird Al Yankovic) - One is faster, the other's fatter :D... good job both of you!

There still are lots of EAAAASY songs... com'on!! ;)

Show me what you got! :P


3. the bangles
4. aerosmith, eat the rich
5. cake, the distance
11. chuck berry, johnny b goode :)
12. al yankovic, fat

e dall'indicazione la 7 è di lene marlin heheheheee
"There's gotta be a record of you some place" - This one's way too easy... yep (on every street -Dire straits)
And I'm angry at Sabry for stealing 12 :D
è vero, non l'ho riconosciuta!
Dimenticavo, menomale che hai saltato "é Memole il nome mio" altrimenti non avrei saputo l'autore :D
"è memole il nome mio
folletto sono io
in una foresta sto
e molti amici ho"

ma di cristina d'avena! :P
"There's a place you're always welcome..." - Guess or die! :D

That's death... ma non sapendo l'autore non me ne arrogo il diritto di guess.

"Uouououaaaaa" - In Italian, out in 2006, worth 5 songs :D

CANZONE PER L'ESTATE si Simone Criticchi... who's the sis?! :D

E qui' mi fermo prima di sfociare nel paranormale.
A tal proposito, perche' non vedo "There's something strange in your neighborhood"??? (mi deludi)
Ghostbusters! hehehehehe
3. in your room, the balngles, è stata una distrazione, non ho scritto il titolo :)
10. elvis presley, ma il titolo esatto pottrebbe essere my blue suede shoes, o senza my o senza my blue, non lo ricordo...J mi ha aiutato hehehheheheh
07 - Hope You're Happy - Lene Marlin - Lost In A Moment - traccia numero 4 - 2005

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