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Pubblicita' progresso

A right to vote, just a chance to think

I tried (in italian).

This time I will just laugh (in english). :)

Italian Mafiocracy is made up of a single big bunch of criminals.
There are no real parties, no real fights, no real politics.

As I said one *whole year* ago, Italy is proceeding exactly as planned.

The Mafiocrats had this great idea to have the so called Lefties act as the bad guys this time.

Through an accurate two months long media-poisoning, voters got pushed to desperately crown the left wing as their saviour.
The Parliament, made up of the exact same people, proceeded to a noisy switch of chairs: after a Copperfieldish turn to a non existing left, they started enacting rightwingish unpopular bills and the usual load of suspicious ad-personam lawyerjuice.
Since we're broke, this trend was quite predictable.

Italians are so blind to politics and economics, they really thought SantaProdi could "change everything".
Since he didn't (and couldn't) they now feel like they need to blame themselves for the outcome of this year's politics... they're ready to get back to their former emperor (who never really left his throne), now with empty hearts and lots of guilt.

Democracy is to people what wool balls are to cats. :)


Please, please, please! Won't you start a civil war so I can actually ask the resident permit as refugee? I'd get money, a free apartment and other benefits :D
Fight for your rights!
Geez... you really are lazy, ain't you? :D
Yup, I just need money enough to be lazy as much as I want... I could have them if I were not so lazy :D

March 2010

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