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Sleeping Buddah

Falling down the rabbit hole

I'm dreaming. A LOT.
Dreams are so intense it takes me up to 30 minutes to get back to reality.

My brain feels like he's been working out all night and needs to rest during the day.
Pushing feels uncomfortable... even if my mind is a lot clearer, faster and to the point, my brain is always preparing for the next dream.

Feels like I'm catching up on previous episodes. Undergoing an oniric marathon.

I don't really know what triggered this... not for sure, at least.

All in all? Well, I feel... wow.
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Adesso so che, quando mi sentivo solo in mezzo alla gente e guardavo le persone grige e cupe che sorridevano per poi piangere a casa, io avevo tutto quello di cui avevo bisogno e non dovevo andare lontano per stringerlo forte a me, ma solo accendere un computer e dire ciao johnny piacentini

when i was alone in a crowd square in the middle of it i was surrounded by people and i was watching them in the eyes and i realized how sad they were, cause they were happy in that moment but inside them they had a hole of sadness, but above all i knewthat indeed i was happy cause i had everything close to me with me... i just had to go back to my home, turn on the pc and say hi Johnny

March 2010

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