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seal, savvy

Friends will be friends

I told her I quit this relationship.

She ignored me. She kept telling me lots of "better", "different", "no more pain".
I went on for one whole hour repeating I'm in too much pain.
I'm sad and angry. I feel trapped. I tried so hard, yet I don't feel any closure.

I love her, yet she's been hurting me for years.
She doesn't like me in so many different ways... what she likes, she doesn't tell.

I feel like shit. I want respect. I want space. I want a choice.

I'm the dumb one here, right?


Here's some friendly advice from our friend Homer Simpson.
You can write her a letter!
Dear something something
Welcome to dumpwille!
Population: YOU!

On a little more serious note

I don't know exactly what's happening, but I will still bug in.
No means no! If you say it's over, then it's over. It's as easy as that. If she doesn't accept it, too bad for her. How serious is it? Do you live together? If so, move out or start packing her things. Find her a new apartment.
If you don't live togehter it's a lot easier. Tell her you consider this relationship over and you are now single.

You are not the dumd one!

Re: On a little more serious note

You're exactly what the doctor ordered: some great friendly support and a free big smile! ;)

In fact, I never ask for anything different or anything more. :)

Thanks onehundredthousandmillionsbillions :)

(I'm truly thinking about dispatching that mail :P)

Re: On a little more serious note

Glad to be of help.
I know a thing or two about bad relationships. It's hard to break up. It's hard to say it's over especially when the other person tries to convince you that it doesn't have to be over. The fact is that you feel it has to be over so it is.
I had real trouble breaking up with my last boyfriend. He was convinced we could make it work. It even went so far that I bought my own apartment and was going to move out, but he still belived we would try to make it work. I told him the week before I moved out that it was really over.

Hope it works out!

Re: On a little more serious note

I thought it was over, already. :)

I had no problems in being her friend or stuff, but I couldn't be her confident anymore. Couldn't be close anymore.

I hate her secrets.
I hate the fact she "manages" people in order to avoid conflict.

She's been on a relationship with another guy for two years and we almost never heard from each other. Then she finally broke up, badly hurt and sick.

She came to me and was like "sorry about what I said... what I did... please, will you be around?"... sure thing, to me friendship is everlasting.

Then, once again, came the abuse. The secrets, the untold words.

I need truth. I need it badly.
Hope one day she understands that for her own good.

Me, she already lost.
She's going to loose herself to fear and fake smiles.

This makes me feel very, very, very bad.
Guess you can dump people, but can't really ever stop loving them. :)
On a subject completely unrelated to the post, congrats for the "icon-mood" coupling. :D

March 2010

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