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Some of this, some of that

"Deeper Underground" - Jamiroquai
"Heavy Fuel" - Dire Straits
"Thunderstruck" - AC/DC
"Two minutes to midnight" - Iron Maiden
"So what" - Metallica
"Tribute" - Tenacious D
"Galvanize" - The Chemical Brothers
"Boomerang" - Jasmine Wagner

... and for the "emo" ending...

"More than words" - Extreme

I'm a winner with an attitude! :D

With this clever recipe, I made it clear to my neighbors there was no way they could win this war.

The next day, I woke up relaxed in a peaceful and fuckin' respectful silence... as I got out to go to work, the guy that takes care of the building acted as a peace messenger: they told him they got the message loud and clear... they said they were NOW sorry because of their disrespectful behavior.

I'm proud of myself, I gave'em what age seems to have failed to give: wisdom. :P

Another unruly couple of oldlings got taught an important lesson in music! :D


Glad to hear the war is over. This thing could've gone or months if your neighbours were really crazy.
Apart from the drama of my posts :P, this was really an unbearable situation... I asked them politely, I tried to explain. Nothing.

I've never had such problems in 20 years and I live in a big place with lots of families.

I'm the kindest person in the world, but when war calls, I know how to make my point! :)

... on other news... I've tried more than once to comment your posts, but then again something told me not to.
I've been in a very similar situation few years ago and... well... some of the comments that people gave made me more angry or doubtful or... stuff.

It's a very intimate violation... the cause is not the people you used to know, but a mixture of egoism, fear and carelessness and how those things changed them... deciding who was responsible of what will require a lot of time.

I'm really far and know you so little, I'd feel kinda "bad" throwing in my opinion when you're hurt this bad... I'm scared of doing more damage than good. I know for sure that you ain't crazy, that much I can tell you. :)

If you want to just chat or free your mind, I'm definitely here.
Just let me know. :)
I know the fealing. You want to write something, but then you stop and reconsider. I'm like that as well. I put all those feelings out there because I needed to talk about them so you are welcome to comment as much as you like. I know it's kinda strange since it was a personal post, but it still felt very good to tell people what had happened.
So you should never have doubts on commenting on anything I write. I'd love some more input. Don't think you could do any damage. The only thing I'm scared of is learning about things I didn't already know and things he's lied about. I doubt that he's had an affair with you as well, so we're quite safe :)

I'm slowly working through it and things are looking better and better :)
As you know, I've often argued against "friends-only" posts for the exact same reasons that you just wrote.
One never knows who could provide the best insight about a situation... in fact, one never even knows who's to trust and who's not. Not completely.

There's no reason to block casual readers from commenting: they are the ones with the smallest chances of being biased, prejudiced or assholes. :)

For this, I agree with you 100%.

Yet... yet I felt like letting you think about it "solo" for a while... I read everything and kept up to date... there's not much left open to interpretations, what's gonna be tough is deciding what to do next.

Be sure, I'll post if anything smells funny in what you say... so far so good. ;)

Winner with style!

Not only you won, you've even shown some taste in music...

March 2010

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